Credo with a Twist: Bringing the Gospel Home Clinton R. LeFort

ISBN: 9781500692988

Published: July 30th 2014


56 pages


Credo with a Twist: Bringing the Gospel Home  by  Clinton R. LeFort

Credo with a Twist: Bringing the Gospel Home by Clinton R. LeFort
July 30th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 56 pages | ISBN: 9781500692988 | 4.30 Mb

Know Thyself You will meet people in your life who will be glad to give you all kinds of good advice and who will even go so far as to tell you years from now, when you are well established in your career that they always knew you would be successful. Why were these people unwilling to say anything at the time you were trying to find yourself?

This may be one of the hardest lessons life has to offer. The truth is that no one can know what you should be except God and yourself, mostly God. That is why it is real important for you to listen carefully what your true self says to you.

What is the true self? We are born with natural inclinations in our life which fit us for a natural existence. God foresees our life in his eternity and fits us for our life mission. Grace adds a different dimension to our lives.

Grace perfects our natural inclinations so that they remain inclined toward surrendering to the divine law. Oftentimes our natural inclination, when not subjected to grace, can cause us to sway away from God. The world is at enmity with God and unless we have a greater principle of life than the world, we will fall subject to the world. Coming to this understanding of our inclination with and without grace is part of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the path to realizing how the Gospel Message can be fitted to our life to keep us on the straight and narrow that Jesus calls us to.

This is the first step by which we come to know the twist of the Gospel message calling us to obedience. The twist means that though God calls all men and women to obedience he calls me here and now with my experiences, weaknesses, desire and strengths to follow him.

In order to learn to listen to Gods word alive and active in our lives we need to spend time with the Word of God, so that his word is more alive than the competing voices of the world coming to us daily from a deceptive and fallen world. The world is never the same, and it is constantly changing- on the other hand, God is always the same. Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect. That is an important question and it is also important criterion by which to measure yourself. For until you, come to know and believe who you are before God, the people who think that they have answers for your life will have more power over you to sway you toward ends which may not be Gods will for you.

Coming to know yourself is a matter of sorting thru the changeable inclinations you have in yourself until you can come to the rock bottom person you are in your deepest self. There is no time limit on how each person comes to this self-knowledge, but it is part of lifes work. I believe that our deepest self can be found thru opening ourselves to the Mystery of the word of God. The Gospel says of the Word that not one thing came into being except thru Him, and ..all that came to be thru him was life.

Whenever we are being led down a path of sin and death, it can never lead us to our true self no matter how profitable it seems at the moment. The antithesis of the Gospel is sin and death. Eternal life and grace come thru Jesus Christ.

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